Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three Reasons Not To Get Vincent Jackson: UPDATED

Its very easy for the Redskins to do whatever they can to acquire wide receiver Vincent Jackson from the San Diego Chargers. Jackson is a Pro Bowl receiver. During his past two seasons, he has surpassed over the 1,000 yards receiving mark. At 6-feet 5-inches and 230 pounds, Jackson is a big play threat than can help the Redskins offense.

The Redskins themselves need help at wide receiver and Jackson could help solidify the issue. Santana Moss is still their number one receiver, but Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas are struggling to show any consistency on the field.

So basically, in a perfect world, its makes sense for the Redskins to trade their 1st, or 2nd round draft pick to the Chargers for Vincent Jackson??

Actually, this trade doesn't make sense for three good reasons.

1)The Off The Field Issues: Jackson brings in his own personal baggage to a roster filled with older veterans. He pleaded guilty to his second DUI conviction last February. This could mean a four game suspension for Jackson to start his 2010 season. Already dealing with Albert Haynesworth's absence on mandatory mini-camp, can the Redskins afford another player with personal issues?

2) The Cost: San Diego is trying to get a first, or two second round draft picks in return, and Jackson wants a bigger contract then Brandon Marshall's deal with the Miami Dolphins. Therefore, the price level is too high to get Jackson.

3) Not Enough Picks: The Redskins cannot afford to get Jackson anyway. The Redskins already traded their 3rd and 4th round picks in 2011 to get Donovan Mcnabb and Jammal Brown. Given the age of this team, the Redskins has to keep their 1st and 2nd round picks because they are going to need them to fill any holes for next year.

So, that is the three reasons why the Redskins should not acquire Jackson. His personal issues, the high cost, and the lack of draft picks prevents this deal from happening. Hopefully, the Redskins can move on and focus on getting rid of Albert Hanyesworth before training camp.

UPDATE: Jackson is suspended for the first 3 games of the season

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