Sunday, April 4, 2010

Donovan Mcnabb is a Redskin

Unbelievable, the Redskins tonight showed why they are the kings of the offseason once again. They pulled off one of the most bizarre trades in recent memory by trading their 2nd round pick, and their 3rd or 4th round pick next year for Donovan Mcnabb, UNREAL. The Eagles have traded their once franchise QB within the division and has Eagles fans upset and why not. They have to face Mcnabb twice a year.

Anyway,I can't believe I'm saying that Mcnabb is a Redskin. There are lots to get to for this trade and I will explained that tomorrow. I also ask why this trade could end the Jason Campbell era and they could now focus on O-Line help in the draft. But for now HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also please post what are your thoughts on the Redskins with the Mcnabb trade??

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