Monday, April 19, 2010

Mock Draft Predictions

Since the Redskins have a limited number of draft picks as always, there isn't much to do in terms of creating a Redskins-style mock draft. The Redskins have one pick in the top 100. Therefore, after their No.4 selection on Thursday, they won't have another pick until Saturday. Alright, lets get to my predictions

Round 1: LT Russell Okung from Oklahoma State University: Okung is a type of linemen that can help solidify the left tackle position for the next ten years. At 6-8 and 300 pounds, Okung is the best available offensive linemen in the draft, and he provide immediate impact to a line that has decimated with injuries and aging players.

Other players that could be drafted:

Eric Berry
, Safety from Tennessee: Berry is the most complete safety on the board and scouts is already comparing him to the next Ed Reed. His hard hits and game changing plays on defense can provide a immediate impact on any team in the safety position. This team hasn't had a fearless safety since Sean Taylor. Berry can easily provide that and for the record, the Redskins should heavily consider trading away Laron Laundry if they select Berry because Berry is six times better then him.

Trent Williams: Tackle from the University of Oklahoma. Williams fits the zone blocking schemes for coach Mike Shanahan, but he started playing at left tackle last season and he had mixed reviews based on his play. Despite that, Williams could be the offensive linemen that Shanahan is looking for.

Sam Bradford: Quarterback from University of Oklahoma. The Redskins only have a shot at Bradford if the Rams, Bucs, and Lions all passed him or they make a unimaginable trade offer. If he is available, the Redskins will pick him. But the chances of that happening is very slim since the Rams are looking for a quarterback also. We'll see if the Rams surprise anyone with their first selection.

As for the other selections, I won't be able to go in depth about it until Friday at the earliest. But here is my rough predictions on what the Redskins should select in the later rounds.

Round 4: Left Guard or another Tackle
Round 5: Center
Round 7: QB, Guard, Corner, or a Tackle

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