Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adam Carriker's Acquisition Could Mean a Albert Haynesworth Trade is Coming

Today, the Redskins continue to surprisingly emphasize on their defensive line since its switching to a 3-4 defense. The team traded their 5th round pick to the St. Louis Rams for defensive tackle Adam Carriker, another former first-round draft pick. Carriker started 25 games, has 53 tackles, and two sacks. He is familiar with Jim Haslett, who was the defensive coordinator in St. Louis back in 2007.

However, Carriker missed the 2009 season due to a serious shoulder injury, and started only a few games in 2008 due to other injuries. Despite that, this is a steal for the Redskins since Carriker fits the 3-4 scheme. Carriker is capable of being a productive player since he is entering his fourth NFL season. This move also adds depth to the defensive line since Carriker is the fifth defensive linmen the Redskins have signed. They acquired Howard Green, Anthony Bryant, Maake Kemoeatu and Greg Peterson.

So what does this trade mean for Albert Haynesworth?

It's very simple! He will be traded on draft day.

The Redskins has lots of holes on the offensive line and with only three draft picks, they are not going to fill their needs at that position. Haynesworth also creates a distraction in the locker room since he's not happy with new defensive scheme and with Mike Shanahan's schedule of voluntary workouts.

Finally, Haynesworth is just a punk. Always has been since he first joined the league eight years ago. He will just appear in a few plays, start eight games, and be in the sidelines, breathing on a oxygen mask after a few plays he is in.

Like most fans, I was skeptical on Haynesworth when they signed him last season to that ridiculous contract. I thought this deal was going to backfire as usual. Guess what, it did.

Haynesworth is just a lazy ass on the field. That's right, the $100 million dollar player that receives little production in return. I'm sick of tired of hearing that Haynesworth is the best defensive linemen in the league when he is healthy. He is never healthy, and he will always be a lazy-ass punk because his production on the field is overrated.

Therefore, trading him away to another team for additional draft picks is very important for the Redskins.

In fact, other then getting help at the offensive line, trading away Hanyesworth could determine how successful the Redskins were in the offseason and it could go a long way. In the end of the day, I believe Shanahan will do what's best for the franchise within the next couple of days regarding Haynesworth.

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