Sunday, April 18, 2010

Its Draft Week!!!

Well Redskins fans, draft week has finally arrived and based on the latest trade rumors involving Jason Campbell, Albert Haynesworth, and Rocky McIntosh, the Washington Redskins figure to have a wild week before, during, and after the draft.

Also, voluntary mini-camps got underway this weekend and as expected Campbell,Haynesworth, and McIntosh were not in attendance. Those three players could be included in a trade later this week.

However, Head Coach Mike Shanahan mention that the team isn't looking to trade anyone besides Jason Campbell. Personally, I don't believe that for a second given that Shanahan is still not pleased with Haynesworth's offseason workout plans, and his complaints on switching to a 3-4 defense. The team is already tried to trade him to Philly and has contacted four other teams. If Shanahan is trying to bluff reporters, then he is doing it in a very bad way. But we'll see what unfolds later on.

As for the draft itself, the Redskins still have four picks in rounds 1,4,5, and 7. Therefore the team isn't going to fill all of their needs in draft whether its the offensive line, Quarterback, Safety, or a cornerback. In fact, the Redskins wouldn't fill their needs anyway even if they had all seven picks in each round since they went 4-12 last season.

Since Mcnabb is on the roster, the Redskins are predicted to select either left tackles Russell Okung or Trent Williams at No.4. There are some reports that Okung will be selected because he is one of the best tackles available on the board and he could be the franchise starter for the next ten years. Others think it will be Williams because he fits the zone blocking schemes that Shanahan wants to implement with his offensive line. Either way, they are solid tackles that help the O-Line in the future.

There is also a chance that the Redskins could trade back with another team and re-acquire a second round pick. So far, there hasn't been any reports on this and probably will remain that way until the draft. The Redskins can also select a QB, but it really should do that in the later rounds since Sam Bradford will most likely be going to the Rams. I will seriously vomit if they pick Jimmy Clausen in round one. That QB will be a bust in the NFL guaranteed.

One more note: The NFL will released its 2010 regular season schedule this Tuesday night at 7:00pm. I will have a post on 2010 Redskins schedule when it becomes available.

Coming up tomorrow , I will have my own mock draft Redskins Style!!!!

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