Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vinny is Back!!!!! Sort of???

Nearly four months since his abrupt resignation or firing from the Washington Redskins, we wonder what will Vinny Cerrato is going to do? Will he land a job with some other team in the NFL, or continue his radio career?

Based on ESPN press release, Cerrato is headed back to radio, but as analyst for ESPN Radio's coverage of the 2010 NFL Draft. Cerrato will joined another ESPN veteran John Clayton for live coverage next week.

So Redskins fans can finally hear what is Cerrato thoughts on the Redskins draft strategy or his man crush on Norte Dame Quarterback Jimmy Clausen. Look for Cerrato to go ecstatic if the Redskins select him at No.4.

But if they select left tackles like Russell Okung or Trent Williams, then Cerrato will probably remain quiet or give a brief analysis since drafting linemen is not a sexy pick for him.

Eitherway, I expect Cerrato to land a full-time radio gig in the near future. I think he fits perfectly in that field then having an NFL GM position. What are your thoughts on this hiring??

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