Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Redskins still don't have an Offensive Line

Over the past several weeks leading up to the draft, the Redskins need lots of help at the O-Line. But when the team brought back Derrick Dockery, and sign Right Tackle Mike Williams, who hasn't played in the league since 2006, the organization thought the needs in the O-Line were fixed. Not, the team has no depth in either position, and they have no backups in the Center and Guard spots. Michael Lombardi from the NFL Post and CBS Sports.com said this about the skins O-Line that I have talking about all long.

"Their offensive line is a mess. Before the 2008 season, I was very critical of this area. I thought they were too old and injury prone -- but most of all, they lacked talent. That analysis was not looking good after the 'Skins went 6-2 in the first eight games. But after the season, and in doing a recap, it proved correct. They ranked 22nd in sacks allowed, giving up 38, with a west coast-based offense that prides itself on getting rid of the ball quickly. They had breakdowns at every level on the line, and now they're bringing back the same cast of characters -- all a year older.

How can they expect to play well and handle the Giants' new and improved defensive line, or the Eagles' defensive front, or even the Cowboys'? The NFC East this offseason has been like an "arms race," with the Eagles and the Giants making huge investments in their lines and making the most modifications.

Theburden of winning from the front office perspective seems to lie on the shoulders of Jason Campbell, whose position was the one area the 'Skins wanted to improve on offense. And yes, I have been very critical of Campbell in my posts. I don't see him as a west coast quarterback, as the system does not fit the player's skill level. However, I feel that the failure to address the critical areas of concern this offseason will, in large part, affect Campbell and ultimately kill the 'Skins chances.

I love the signing of Albert Haynesworth because he will command double teams and press the pocket. I was not crazy about the signing of corner DeAngelo Hall or guard Derrick Dockery, but what bothers me most is that they didn't address their most pressing need -- the offensive line.

In the NFC East, you must win games with your ability to pass protect, your ability to match the physical power of both lines. Having an old, injury-prone line is not giving yourself the best chance. The 'Skins are asking Joe Bugel, a great line coach, to make magic with the players he currently has on the roster. As a personnel man, the one area you feel a sense of frustration about is when your line is below par and there are no players available to help. "

Look, when the O-Line is healthy, Jason Campbell can easily become a very productive quarterback for this team. But when their injuries and age, then Campbell regresses, gets no protection, and sacked very often, and his stats proved it. Look how he did in the 1st half of the year compared to the 2nd half. Yes, he had help from Clinton Portis, but he went banged up as well because of injuries. Not only did the organization ignore the issue, they just simply don't care about it at all. They focused more on Mark Sanchez more often then the team's needs. and they think that Joe Bugel can create another version of the hogs with the cast of players he has now. Only one problem, most of the O-Line is in their 30s and aging very quickly. Campbell could be in for a long season, and in a division where they play the cowboys, eagles, and giants twice, expect this team to have the same or worse result as they did last year. Then Snyder will put the blame on Jim Zorn and hire Mike Sannahan or Bill Cowher next season. This is a clueless organization!!!!!!!!!

Biggest problem for Redskins in O-Line

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