Friday, May 1, 2009

Cody Glenn May Not Be a Redskin for long

The pro career of Cody Glenn has reached a disastrous path. Last season, Glenn was suspended for three games at Nebraska for ticketing scalping. When the redskins drafted Glenn, he said in a conference call that the suspension was no big deal. Then things went down hill from there on according to the Associated Press and Jason La Canfora from the Post.

"According to the AP story, Glenn said he told us the story about the tickets to get us off his back (although one innocuous questiuon during a conference call hardly constitutes a major inquest; if anything Glenn, who played at running back before switching to LB for his senior season, has made this a bigger issue than anyone ever perceived it to be).

"It's me being dumb, just trying to have people leave me alone," Glenn told the AP when asked today about why he gave the Washington media the story about the tickets. "It's something I said that I probably shouldn't have, looking at it now."

Sources from two NFL teams also said that when they asked Glenn at the scouting combine why he had been suspended, he told them it was for ticket scalping.

"Good luck whenever he gets waived," one NFL source said, noting that the teams Glenn lied to at the draft -- which could number quite a few -- will not be pleased that he misled them.

According to the AP, Nebraska's athletic department said yesterday that it had no knowledge of the player selling any tickets. Glenn refused to tell the AP what the real reason for the suspension was, saying it is a private matter between him and the school. Calls to Glenn's agent, Kevin Robinson, were not immediately returned.

Well, for a kid who earned academic and citizenship honors in college, he's managed to make the first 72 hours of his NFL career way more interesting than they needed to be. He was a reach pick in the fifth round, given his lack of defensive experience and slight frame, and rather than being another unassuming rookie, I'm guessing he's going to get a much bigger dose of the D.C. media when he arrives for minicamp Friday, complete with multiple follow-up questions and all."

Boy, this rookie is gonna an ear pull this weekend at minicamp. The organization should not draft a player who has played only 9 games at Linebacker, which a serious need for the team. But Glenn's troubles at Nebraska is another twist of its own. I mean Nebraska never knew about the specifics of Glenn's suspension, and Glenn lied to the AP about it anyway. The organization should be irritated with this now. The only way the skins could clear this up effectively is by cutting him.

Cody Glenn Say He Lied About the Reason For His Suspension

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