Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daniel Synder among the top 5 worst owners in the NFL

Well I'm back skins fans. I was busy with final exams, and today was my last final of the semester. That was the reason why I haven't had anything new on this blog for over a week. Well, today, not much going on in and around Ashburn Va. But Sports Illustrated created the top 5 best and worst owner in all four major professional sports. And the NFL section, Daniel Snyder ranks third behind William Clay Ford, and the famous Al Davis.

"Snyder is a good businessman and spares no expense with one of the most profitable franchises in sports. But maybe that's the problem: The young billionaire runs the team more like a first-time fantasy-football manager. Among the most expensive outlays: nearly $225 million committed to LaVar Arrington, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Laveranues Coles and Adam Archuleta. Though those mistakes were at beginning of Snyder's tenure, Washington still hasn't come anywhere near the Super Bowl and has had five head coaches during his decade of ownership. Think Snyder learned his lesson? This past offseason, he locked up three players Albert Haynesworth, DeAngelo Hall and Derrick Dockery -- for a combined $162M. "

There is nothing much to say. The stats says it all. While Snyder does whatever it takes to win, such as spending millions on free agency and focus very little on scouting players and constantly trading away draft picks, it doesn't work like that in the NFL. The Draft builds the foundation for the team, then use free agency to fill minor holes on the team. Look what the Patriots and Giants did, and their owners are among the top 5 best owners in football. Ironically, if Snyder did this with an Major League Baseball team such as the Washington Nationals, that team can easily compete for a world series title. Lets just face it, he is no different then the Steinbrenners for the Yankees with his mentality and spending. The difference is that Snyder method fails in pro football. His reaction when the Redskins defeated the Cowboys and the Eagles on the road says it all.

SI: Robert Kraft, Rooney Family rank among the NFL best owners

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