Friday, April 17, 2009

Redskins seriously considering drafting Mark Sanchez

Sorry I did not report this yesterday, but the redskins are seriously interested in drafting Mark Sanchez because they see him as a franchise guy who can lead the team in the right direction, and he is a good fit for Jim Zorn's west cost offense. Jason La Canfora of the Post has more:

"Several sources have suggested the Redskins have begun to send out feelers on what it might take to get Seattle's pick, and the Seahawks, at this stage, would likely seek two first-round picks on the high end. That was a price the Redskins were willing to pay for Chad Johnson last year and Jay Cutler a few weeks back, although neither deal was completed.

If the market for those picks were to dry up and with not too many teams pushing to move into the top five, perhaps a first- and second-, or first- and third-round pick would get it done as the draft gets closer. I wouldn't expect any trade of this type to come down until 12-to-24 hours before the draft at the earliest. The Redskins could also peddle Jason Campbell in one of these trade scenarios, though K.C. and Seattle might not be interested. One thing that might work in the Skins' favor as well, several NFL sources pointed out, is that the bad blood between K.C.'s new boss, Scott Pioli, and the Jets might make it harder for those teams to get a deal done. Also, it's going to take more to move up from 17 than from 13."

Obviously, this deal won't happen until this time next week or hours before the NFL draft. But I thing is clear. Daniel Snyder cares only about the ticket sales, and revenues of the team instead of building a championship team. Mark Sanchez can be a marketing tool for the team in terms of attracting season ticket holders and causal fans in the DC area. And in this tough economy, it's a good economical decision. But in football terms, it doesn't. They can bring proven quarterbacks like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and the team will still be 8-8 because they have no depth in the O-Line and the D-Line. Their teams, the Patriots and the Colts do have depth in both positions. I been saying that this team needs a O-Line, D-Line, or Linebacker at No.13. Yet, this team always wants to take several steps back in the draft, and drafting Sanchez and giving away two 1st round picks in the next two years is a perfect example of that.

After the Jay Cutler fiasco, the organization talked with Jason Campbell, stating that they resolve their issues with Campbell and they plan to move forward with him at their starting QB. Then the organizations lies to the media again by seriously discussing about Mark Sanchez. Redskins Fans, you really have to understand that this organization is a complete joke. You have to understand that this team will never get to the promised land unless Snyder backs off and hires a general manager, or sell the team. More importantly, SNYDER DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT, YOU, THE FANS, OF THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS AND THE MEDIA. HE ONLY WANTS YOUR MONEY, AND THAT'S ALL HE CARES ABOUT. If not, then why he is so interested in Mark Sanchez?

For the record, if I am Jason Campbell, I will be telling the organization to trade me immediately once he reads this report about Sanchez. This organization is full of lies, and it's very dysfunctional.

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