Friday, April 17, 2009

Redskins Interested in Anquan Boldin

Yesterday, Arizona Cardlinals receiver Anquan Boldin went on the free agent market, and the team is reporting that they are listening to trade their pro bowl receiver. And yes; the redskins are among the 4 teams (giants, eagles, dolphins) interested in Boldin according to Jason La Canfora.

"Naturally, the Redskins are mentioned in the speculation about possible trade partners, just as they were with Terrell Owens and Jay Cutler. However, I'd expect the Skins' response to Boldin being available to conform much more closely to their reaction to the possibility of getting T.O., rather than Cutler. (Mark Maske analyzes other possible trade partners.)

The Skins have a tremendous number of assets tied up at wide receiver already, in terms of draft picks and salary. They need to find out if their kids can play, and they still have Santana Moss and Antaan Randle El at the top of the pecking order. If Boldin were in a different class from this bunch, it would made sense. But at some point, the team has to say "when."

The issue with Boldin is cash money, pure and simple. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is charged with getting him paid ASAP, and any trade would come with a massive new contract as close as possible to the extension Larry Fitzgerald received a year ago. The Skins lack the cap space to execute such a move, and they also lack the draft-pick ammunition.

The Cards will be seeking multiple picks in this draft -- a first-rounder and more. Also, the Skins obviously want dearly to upgrade at quarterback and if they are going to be moving multiple picks they'll most likely be chasing Mark Sanchez, looking to move up to get someone Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato believe can be a franchise quarterback."

Well, this team has been lacking in terms of getting a big wide reciever. And Boldin is a big time wide reciever that can really make big plays down the field. Personally, I would love to see this deal occur. He can easily improve our passing from last season, and make Jason Campbell a better QB. But with the team interested in trading draft picks for USC QB Mark Sanchez, and very limited amount of draft picks, and wide recivers to trade to Arizona, the team chances of landing Boldin is very slim. But they always in the conversation in terms of acquring a big named player.

Could Boldin in Cards for Skins?

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