Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Redskins could draft DE Brian Orakpo from Texas if they don't trade up for Sanchez

Should all things fail for the Redskins on drafting Mark Sanchez, which I hope it does, then the team could target on Brian Orakpo from Texas. He has already visited Redskin Park today according to Jason La Canfora from the Post.

"Orakpo arrived here yesterday for his official visit, according to a league source (USC linebacker Brian Cushing also took an official visit here and to other teams this week, though I continue to believe that the Skins would rather not take a linebacker at 13).

By the weekend, Orakpo will have made official visits to Cleveland, Denver, Houston and the Skins, and also worked out for Cincy, according to a source. Green Bay also scouted him heavily at his pro day. The highest several sources thought he would go is to Cleveland with the fifth pick, though that seems a bit high to some.

The execs and agents I talk to expect a run on offensive players to continue, and maybe Green Bay will take him at No. 9. He might be better-suited to a 4-3 team, though, and they're implementing the 3-4. Denver at 12 is another serious option, with defensive coordinator Mike Nolan pursuing players like Orakpo in the past, but if Malcolm Jenkins or a tackle is on the board when they pick, the Broncos could easily go in that direction.

Seeing Orakpo available at 13 wouldn't be a shock, according to executives and agents deeply involved in the draft process. And Sanchez possibilities aside, Orakpo is seen as a viable option by the decision-makers at Redskins Park."

JLC has a good point. Orakpo could easily land at 13 for the skins, and quite honestly, its will a good draft pick, and it will help their needs at the D-Line. All of the other top offensive players will be gone in the top 10, and their could be a few legit Defensive linemen left at 11, 12, and 13. This pick will make a whole lot of sense then drafting Sanchez. By the way, Fanhouse has analysis on what the redskins should do in the draft beyond the 1st round.

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