Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quarterback class isn't impressive

Forall the people within the redskins organization and are heavily focused on Mark Sanchez, you may want to read this article Aaron Wilson reported on this morning. He said that picking Mark Sanchez in the first round is very risky.

"According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, who conducted a poll of 18 NFL personnel executives, Stafford received the most first-place votes as the top quarterback prospects with 11 votes followed by Sanchez with five and Freeman with two.

Overall, though, it’s not viewed as a stellar quarterback class.

“It’s not the great year,” Buffalo vice president Tom Modrak said. “You can find flies on all these guys. It gets to be a dilemma because there’s certainly a year or two of training. But if the quarterback doesn’t come in by mid-October you’re in trouble with everyone.”

Sanchez has started just 16 games, so he doesn’t have the usual body of work to judge.

“Sanchez is probably the riskiest,” St. Louis Rams vice president Tony Softli said. “The other guys have been starting since they were freshmen so they got three years in. He has 16 games. That’s really scary.”

I hope the front office sticks to drafting a need in the OL, DL, or LB at 13, instead of trading up for Sanchez. Otherwise, this could really setback this franchise for years to come. Then again, Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato has always done a stellar job setting this franchise in reverse.

Quarterback Class Isn't all Great

Scouts are mixed on Stafford

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