Sunday, April 26, 2009

Redskins Draft Anaylsis

With the team trading down the fifth pick to Minnesota and also getting a extra 7th round pick from them also, the team address some needs today by drafting two linebackers; Cody Glenn, an outside linebacker from Nebraska, and Robert Henson, outside linebacker from TCU. However, the skins never addressed needs in the O-Line, such as drafting an Center and Guard. This irritates me. Teams like the Giants, Patriots, and Colts have no problems filling their needs in the late rounds, such as drafting an offensive linemen. But the Redskins have issues doing that because they have an idiotic organization to begin with. Experts from the NFL Network were questioning Vinny Cerrato draft strategy, or did Daniel Snyder's had the final say in every pick the Redskins had. There were always decent guards, center, and right tackles available in the late rounds, How did the Giants, Patriots, and Colts won their superbowls? And once again, the redskins never capitalize on that because they do not know how to draft. This team has not had a decent draft since Bobby Bethard call the shots two decades ago.

Overall, I give them a C on their draft selection because they had one solid pick overall in Brian Orakpo, and fill their needs hopefully in the Linebacker spot. The rest of the picks does not make any sense to me at all, and if i run the team, I focus strictly on the O-Line positions. For the record, if they actually traded up for Sanchez yesterday, I would easily giving them an F for the weekend.

*In other skins news: The team signed a couple of un-drafted free agents: QB Chase Daniel from Missouri and Edwin Williams, Center/Guard from Maryland.

Skins sign Chase Daniel, Maryland Lineman

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