Friday, August 16, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope Perhaps?

I rarely post tweets on my blog, but this one really caught my eye. Take a good look at Mike Freeman tweet for his Super Bowl 48 prediction.

Keep this is mind that Mike Freeman is a well-respected NFL analyst and he recently left CBS Sports joined Bleacher Report. Freeman has been critical of the Redskins organization and Mike Shanahan for a long time, so his Super Bowl prediction does carry some form of merit.

Also, the last time any NFL expert has picked the Redskins to go to the Super Bowl was in 2000, when the franchise was spending big time money on free agents. Ironically, 2000 was the last time the Redskins were coming off a division title from the year before.

Guess what happened in 2000? They finished 8-8.

In fact, 1991-1992 was the last time the Redskins made the playoffs in back to back seasons.

Now, do I agree with his prediction? Well, I dear hope he's right from a fan perspective, but realistically, I'm not sold on it yet.

The Redskins will have to rely heavily on their young secondary to improve from last year, and hope that RGIII can survive the entire season. Also, key players like Pierre Garcon, Trent Williams, Brian Orakpo, and Fred Davis have to stay healthy. The Redskins were 9-1 last season when Garcon is on the field, and 1-5 when he's not in the lineup.

If this team can accomplish all or most of these goals by end of the season, then they will have a chance come January. Remember, the teams that are the healthiest going into the playoffs have the best chance of winning it all.

On a final note, the Redskins do host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night for Week 2 of the preseason. I will have a mini preview of  Mike Freeman's Super Bowl preview on Monday.

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