Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clinton Portis Is Trying to Keep His Starting Job

I've always tried to like Clinton Portis as a player during his tenure in Washington. But his approach to the coaching staff and his teammates led to questions about his character. I sometimes feel that Portis is a cancer to this team in terms of how he treated Mike Sellers last season, his dislike of former coach Jim Zorn, his royal relationship with owner Daniel Snyder,  his approach to practice and offseason workouts, and his goofy-looking costumes to attract media attention. I think Portis never really cared about the team and only cared about himself. His statistics doesn't show it, but his body language and attitude goes a long way.

However, the former Miami Hurricane has a new sense of motivation. The Redskins have a new head coach in Mike Shanahan, Portis' former coach in Denver. The team has a new General Manager in Bruce Allen, and Snyder is apparently backing off on football related decisions. Shanahan also declared competition in all starting roster spots. To add even more frustration for Portis, the Redskins signed two veteran running backs; Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker.

For Clinton Portis, he realized that his starting running back job was on the line this offseason, and now he is determined to keep his starting role.

Portis begin attending most of the optional offseason workout programs, something he never did when Jim Zorn were at the helm.  Portis also lost 13 pounds after weighing about 230 last season.

Headed into training camp, Portis is the favorite to start at running back once again. Shanahan has been impressed with Portis's approach to offseason workouts. Whether his conditioning can translate into big numbers for Portis in 2010 remains to be seen. Portis will turn 29 when the season begins in September.

What do you think?  Can Clinton Portis return to being a elite running back this season?

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