Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Haynesworth Has Embarrassed the Entire Organization

Before I'll start criticizing Albert Haynesworth once again, lets play the numbers game computed by Dan Steinberg.

$41 million: That's how much Haynesworth makes in his first three seasons with the redskins in guaranteed money.

$100 million: That's how much money Haynesworth earned in his seven year contract.

$21 million: That's how much bonus money he received on April 1st.

$55,562: That's how much money he made per snap.

$864,865: That's how much money he made per tackle.

$8 million: That's how much money he earned per sack.

$2,666,667: That's how much he made for every game he's played in.

Yet, Haynesworth is skipping mandatory workouts and he wants a trade. Its no wonder why the media, the fans, and his teammates are having a field day with this player. He's getting paid over $40 million per year, and he is still complaining about the switch to the 3-4 defense. His complaints doesn't even matter at all. When you get paid that amount of money per year, you should be out in the practice field with your teammates every single day and try your hardest to learn the new defensive scheme. He should be a role model to other players and rookies on the roster and show Coach Mike Shanahan that you are willing to come to work every single day.

But no, Haynesworth is still acting like a five year old kid despite being paid the biggest contract ever given to a defensive player. Thanks to his arrogance on the 3-4 defense, he has made himself the biggest idiot in the history of professional sports and made the entire Redskins organization feel sorry for themselves. Actually, the organization shouldn't feel that way.

Dan Snyder give him the big contract. He caused this ordeal from the start. Everyone knew what Haynesworth acts like as a player and a person. He doesn't play the entire season and he barely does offseason workouts with his teammates. No wonder why some NFL general managers were questioning Hanyesworth's contract.

Sadly, this news story isn't surprising given how much practice time he has missed already in the last two months and his previous character issues in Tennessee. This story was building up for quite sometime and it was only a matter of time when he will speak publicly about his current issues with the team.

I knew when the Redskins sign him on the first day of free agency last year, it was not going to be a good experience and it will have a ugly ending. Well, it already has a bad result and the Redskins have no choice but to trade him. However, the trade won't occur until training camp at the earliest. Even if the trade does occur, the Redskins will only get a 3rd or 4th round pick at best. A buyout release seems to be a possibility also. Until then, Haynesworth is talk-radio gold for the next two months.

So congratulations Albert Hanyesworth. You have single-handily embarrassed the entire organization due to your selfishness. You have accomplished being number one on the top 10 free agent busts of all time courtesy of NFL Network.

Also, congratulations to owner Dan Snyder for his continuing embarrassment of the Redskins for 11 straight years and counting.