Monday, May 17, 2010

The Washington Redskins vs Albert Haynesworth

I'm back from my college graduation last weekend and it was a great time with my family and friends. While I was busy getting my bachelors degree, the Redskins made some headlines last Saturday when owner Daniel Snyder made his remarks on Albert Hanyesworth's absence from mini-camp two weeks ago.

Snyder said that he was disappointed with Hanyesworth and he hopes to show a good example for the players and the team when the second mini-camp occurs next month. You can see the entire clip of Snyder's comments on Washington Post's video website.

Now let's go back to Snyder's comments on Hanyesworth.

Hanyesworth is not a type of player that leads by example for everyone. He barely practices, starts in a few games, and then spends his time on the sidelines breathing a oxygen mask. Also, Hanyesworth is still not happy with the switch to the 3-4 defense because he is better suited as a nose tackler.

Snyder should of know what Haynesworth would bring to the Redskins before he gave him a seven-year, $100 million contract with $41 million guaranteed. Haynesworth is a crybaby, overpriced bum, and does little contribution to the defense. He hasn't started all 16 games since his rookie season.

Apparently, you would think that the Hanyesworth issue will somehow end since the Redskins paid him additional $21 million in bonus money on April 1st. Hanyesworth will finally show up to mini-camps, OTA's, and then apologize to coach Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen. It did not work and Haynesworth has skipped all of the Redskins' optional off-season workouts.

So how can the Redskins trade Haynesworth despite his back-loaded contract? We might have a small answer today.

The Redskins sign another veteran 3-4 tackle in Vonnie Holiday. Holiday is the sixth defensive linemen the Redskins have sign this offseason. Holiday is very productive in his 13 year career in the league. He had five sacks last season with Denver and appeared in all 16 games. The Redskins now have enough defensive linemen to replace Hanyesworth on defense.

Several weeks ago, I did say Hanyesworth was going to be traded before the draft, and it did not happen because other teams did not want him and his huge contract. But Shanahan doesn't want a player to be a distraction in the locker room either. Therefore, I expect the Redskins to trade away their biggest free-agent bust in franchise history very soon.

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