Thursday, May 20, 2010

Santana Moss Facing HGH Allegations: UPDATED

Last Tuesday, the sports world took an unexpected turn federal authorities arrested Canadian physician Dr. Anthony Galea for allegedly distributing of human growth hormone to U.S. athletes. Galea has been traveling around the country for treating injured athletes such as Alex Rodriguez and Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, this story has affected the Washington Redskins' number one wide receiver.

According to the Buffalo News, one of Galea's patients is Redskins receiver Santana Moss. Moss was interviewed today from Barry Svrluga from the Washington Post about the HGH report, and Moss refused to discuss the matter and rather talk about football instead.
Coach Mike Shanahan will play the "wait and see" approach on the issue.

Anyway, back to Moss. Based on his body language, it could hint that Moss did use HGH from Dr. Galea, but the Buffalo News used unidentified sources to report the story and it still under investigation from the FBI. Also, the Redskins said that this is a off-the-field issue and all answers will be answered by Moss's agent, Drew Rosenhaus. That is absurd statement by the team for a number of reasons.

First, despite that Moss will not be prosecuted from authorities, he could be from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. HGH is a banned substance in the NFL, despite not having a test system for players. Remember Rodney Harrison a few years ago? He admitted using HGH and was suspended for four games. Moss could easily face the same type of punishment if the NFL knows if this report is true.

Secondly, this doesn't point a good sign for Moss and the Redskins. The team cannot afford a four game suspension for a player like Moss, who has been the only dependable receiver the Redskins have on offense. For a team that is trying to win now, losing Moss will be a major blow to this team, especially early in the season. The Redskins will then have to choose between Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, Bobby Wade, and Joey Galloway as their number one receiver.

Stay tuned since this story is still ongoing. I will have further updates when it becomes available.

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