Monday, May 3, 2010

Redskins Make More Cuts Before Mini-Camp

Over the last few weeks, the Redskins made several additions at defensive linemen and added a couple of veteran wide receivers to the roster. So it wasn't a surprise that the Redskins made another round of roster cuts before their mini-camp this Friday. Here are the list of players receiving pink slips today.

WR Marko Mitchell

RB Anthony Alridge

RB P.J. Hill

WR James Robinson

DL Anthony Montgomery

Marko Mitchell???? Wow!! This is the same receiver who played extremely well in the preseason. Mitchell had 4 receptions for 32 yards and zero touchdowns last season, but had two touchdowns in the preseason. But Mitchell never really got a chance on the field last year and was often inactive for most of the year. Therefore, Shanahan has no clue on Mitchell's performance. Everyone knows that the preseason means nothing. So could Shanahan really believe that 38-year old Joey Galloway and Bobby Wade is a better option then him??

Either way, I hope Shanahan knows what he's doing because letting go a player like Mitchell could hurt the team in the wide receiver slot. Mitchell at times was more productive then Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas. This cut means that Kelly and Thomas will play a bigger role this season and both of them have to step up to keep their jobs going forward. I have seen both of these players perform, and I think Thomas is probably the one that has the most potential due to his quickness. But let's see what unfolds this time since it usually takes two or three years for receivers to develop in the NFL.

As for the other cuts, those aren't surprising . Shanahan is basically trying to change the culture of the team after a 4-12 record, and the non-starters from last season are more likely not going to be around this season.

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