Monday, March 8, 2010

Possible Redskins 1st round draft selection Part 4: Quarterback Jimmy Clausen

The fourth part of our six part series of possible 1st round picks for the Redskins is Norte Dame Quarterback Jimmy Clausen. With Bradford possibly drafted at No.1, the Redskins could easily draft LT Russell Okung from Oklahoma State. But if the Redskins address the offensive line through free agency, which they somewhat did by signing former Minnesota Vikings guard Artis Hicks , then the team has some flexibility at the No.4 pick.

Given the uncertainty of Jason Campbell's future after the 2010 season, coach Mike Shananhan could draft Clausen and develop him as a starter for the future. But his leadership skills and his cockiness concerns some draft experts and redskins fans. Anyway, since Clausen is in the conversation at No.4, here are his highlights from his 2009 junior season.

Next up: Maryland Tackle Bruce Campbell

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