Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another washed up player added to the roster

There are million reasons why any team will be interested with former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson. His declining play on the field, injuries, major distractions in the locker room, and his off the field behavior, such as calling out his own coach.

But those issues didn't mind with the Washington Redskins. Even with a new regime in place, they do what they do best in the off-season, signing an aging running back to a three year $12-million deal with the Redskins last Friday. Once again, Snyder has hit the lottery with his Jersey sales.

So the Redskins have two running backs who are both whiners when they don't get playing time , and they are at the end of their careers , unless Johnson has a career breakout season in 2010. Still, I don't like the signing because of Johnson's history with Kansas City, and if the skins wanted a verstile running back, they should try getting Thomas Jones. However, if Coach Mike Shanahan handles both Johnson/Portis tandem without any off the field issues, then it should be fine.

One thing its clear, Portis' future beyond 2010 with the Redskins is in doubt. Given his work ethic in the off season and preseason, he could possibly lose the starting running back spot to Johnson by the end of preseason. In fact, former Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil believes that Johnson will be the starting running back for the Redskins in 2010. That is a pretty bold prediction given his struggles in the past few years. But as long as Johnson fixes himself off the field, he can become a very productive running back once again.

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