Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sports Junkies Take on the Redskins & Week 7 Preview Vs Eagles

Hahahaha, the Junkies always puts out nice campaigns to boycott Dan Snyder. Now to the preview of Tonight's game.

Despite this game being on Monday Night Football, I really don't see how things are going to change for the offense tonight. The Redskins have the same O-Line, wide receivers, and quarterback.The big difference is left tackle Chris Samuels is out for the season and maybe for his career. Unless newly offensive coordinator Sherm Lewis pulls off magic bingo plays to spark the offense, it is highly likely the offense will continue their struggles in front of a national audience.

Quarterback Jason Campbell will start tonight despite being benched last week. But with this depleted O-Line and another poor 1st half performance, its likely we could easily see Todd Collins in action again. Also, what the hell Jim Zorn will do tonight? The play calling will not revolve through him and instead go through another offensive coordinator Sherman Smith. So Zorn will just stay in the sidelines and call timeout when needed, but we know how poorly Zorn runs clock management.

The defense has been playing well as expected. They are ranked 5th in the league in total defense. But it won't matter how they perform if the offense stinks on the field.

The Eagles beat themselves last week in Oakland. They pass the ball more often then running. That is not the style of offense the Eagles play. They are a running football team. So look for Brian Westbrook to be involved more often in the running game and the screen plays as well. I expect Dononan McNabb to have a bounce back game after being sacked four times and turnover the ball only once

Prediction: Win or lose, its looks really bad for Jim Zorn. They basically force him to resign last week and regardless of Vinny's vote of confidence on Zorn, its likely he will be fired tomorrow if they lose. Bill Cowher is right on, he has no creditablity at all and that's not a great thing for any current NFL head coach.

Don't be surprised also if Vinny Cerrato is fired. It was his idea to bring in Zorn to be the head coach and his fate is tied with Zorn too. Overall its all on Dan Snyder. He created this garbage in the organization and on the field, and unless he changes his method, no big name coach will come here. The organization is dysfunctional at all levels. Therefore, the Eagles are hungry for the win, and the Redskins are coming off another eventful week filled with uncertainty about the head coach and themselves.

Eagles: 17 Redskins: 6

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