Thursday, October 29, 2009

No 1st Amemdment rule in Snyder's World

Almost every week this season, the Redskins find new ways to alienate fans, whether its poor play on the field, losing to three win less teams, and Dan Snyder suing fans for boycotting their season tickets. Now the bye week has arrived. The Redskins are coming off a disastrous loss vs the Philadelphia Eagles last Monday night, and when a season that has been a failure in all levels, the bye week should have give the team, the fans, and the media a bit of a breather.

However, that isn't' the case in Redskins park. During the Monday Night game at FedEx Field, security guards around the stadium were in full force on fans. During the last couple of home games, fans brought in poster signs being very critical to Snyder and his henchman, Vinny Cerrato. But this week, the Redskins management decide to change the law regarding bring posters sign to the stadium.

Instead of allowing the signs, they banned all signs from FedEx Field completely, regardless what anything said. For days, this story was a regional, but the team's poor play, and poor handling of Jim Zorn has made airwaves on ESPN and NFL Network. Now, the poster sign bans have now made into the national media landscape, and puts yet another black eye on Daniel Snyder.
Daniel Snyder continuing to destroy the once proud Redskins like a wrecking ball. This owner should be fined or suspended by Roger Goodell on the way he treats the team and the die hard fans. More on this later today.

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