Sunday, September 27, 2009

Redskins= Epic Fail

It seems like every week that the Redskins seems to play worse and worse. But they play the Lions, so this will be the the week that the Redskins silence their critics right?

Nope, they give the lions their first win in two years 19 to 14. This loss can be blame on a number of occasions. First, the play call on 4th and goal during the Redskins first drive. Clinton Portis runs to the outside and gets stop for no gain. Then the defense gives up a 99 yard touchdown drive on the Lions next offense series after the failed 4th down conversation from the skins. Finally, Jason Campbell didn't throw into the end zone on the last play of game when the team needed a touchdown to win. Instead, he throw short pass into Ladell Betts and did a series of lateral plays to hope for a prayer.

This loss isn't surprising since I pick the Lions to win anyway simply because the Redskins have no heart in all aspects. and only care about the paychecks they are receiving. The players are quitting, Snyder is more concern about Tom Cruise then the team, and Zorn looks like he's gonna collapse during the press conference. Here's the clip of coach Zorn speaking to the media.

Wow, Zorn looks clueless and embarrass. It is clear that Zorn can't coach in this league. He thinks the NFL is like Madden football. Also, he's a complete liar. Of course he was worried about the Lions losing streak during the outcome, yet he denies it during the press conference.

Also, Zorn's job security is safe for now according to Peter King from SI. But I expect Zorn to be fired at the end of the season because the team does not have anybody to replace him on a interim basis, and Zorn is the quarterbacks coach, the offensive coordinator, and the head coach. So the team has to replace three things if Zorn is let go.

As for the game, the only good thing is that Jason Campbell went 27 for 41, with 340 yards, two touchdowns and a interception. He had his best game of the season thus far.

However, the defense clearly lost this game. How did they allow a 99 yard TD drive from a rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford is beyond me. The defense give up nearly 400 yards of total offense to the Lions. I guess we might as well do a countdown on when defensive coordinator Greg Blache gets fired.

But firing Zorn, Blache, and his staff won't help this team. Snyder needs to fire Vinny Cerrato, and all of his personnel staff as well. Everyone knows that has to happen for the team to keep its fans. But it won't happen because Snyder is best friends with Cerrato, so the Redskins are pretty much doomed for being a doormat in the NFL for a long time.

Next Week : vs Tampa Bay 1pm on FOX: It will be interesting to see how the fans react for next week home game versus another losing team. Then again, they lost to the Lions and barely defeated the Rams. So the Redskins do earn the distinction as being the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.

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