Friday, August 14, 2009

Embarrassing performance

At least it was only preseason, but the Redskins look like the same team that went 8-8 last season, but going in a reverse direction. The game was dreadful to watch, especially in the 1st half.

There were only few positives. First, Brian Orakpo played well on sacking Troy Smith in the 2nd quarter, Hunter Smith did a great punting, and the offensive line played well last night despite being bang up during training camp.

However, it did not translate to scoring points for Jason Campbell. Campbell over threw two receivers that were wide open, and the recievers were not catching the ball in general. The more I watch Campbell play, the more I think he is not suited for the west coast offense, although it is too early to judge him after one preseason.

The defense also played poorly. The first team defense give up a 13 and 14 yard drive in the first two series, and the tackling was terrible. The ravens basically run through our defense the entire 1st half. In total, the Redskins defense give up three drives of 67 yards or more.

Lets just hope that the starters bounce back next week as they host the super bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers next Saturday. Hopefully, Clinton Portis, Albert Haynesworth, and Randy Thomas can play next week also.

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