Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training Camp recap and Daniel Snyder's expectation in 2009

Hello Redskins fans, today marks the beginning of the 2009 campaign for the Washington Redskins after an off season filled with twists, turns, and spending millions on free agents again.

As for the first day, not much drama really happened. Everyone from rookies to veteran reported to camp this morning for practices today except Brian Orakpo, who is still negotiating his rookie deal with the team. That could be costly for Orakpo to miss practice time as defensive coordinator Greg Blache plans to use Orakpo in the D-End/strong side linebacker position. I expect the Orakpo deal to get done sometime this weekend, preferably tomorrow before the 2nd day of camp.

Also today, Daniel Snyder was a guest on the John Thompson Show, and he discussed his expectation for this upcoming season. Jason Reid, who is now the new head of Redskins Insider replacing Jason La Canfora, has the excerpts from the interview earlier today.

"During the nearly nine-minute interview with Thompson and former Redskin Rick "Doc" Walker, he also addressed the situation of quarterback Jason Campbell, whose position appeared in jeopardy during the offseason as the Redskins pursued a trade for then-Denver quarterback Jay Cutler and considered trading up in the draft to select USC's Mark Sanchez."

"I think to Jason's credit, he's really showed his true character, and I think he's really matured with the team and taken the reins, which is really what we've asked him to do," Snyder said. "From the standpoint of where we go, he's a critical, critical component, and we've told him that. We've told him that, look, we need some big-time play out of the quarterback to really go where we want to go, which is [the] Super Bowl. From that standpoint, we're real pleased with the off season handling by Jason."

"Snyder, who is entering his 11th year as owner, said he has "matured" in the position.
"I'm more patient now," Snyder said. "When it comes down to understanding the game and understanding the business side of it, it takes time. It takes some time for the players to mature into their role. Sometimes, when you're over-aggressive, you make mistakes. . . ."

"Everyone wants instant results. We all do. We all want [second-year receivers] Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas to be rookies of the year and go to the Pro Bowl right away, but from the standpoint of understanding it as I do now, I know that that position takes a little bit of time, and I think that you'll start to see the fruits this year and next year and the year after. I think you'll start to see some big-time development, and that's something that you learn."

It is clear that Snyder doesn't like Campbell as their starting QB, and he knows he's stuck with him for one more season. As for maturing as an owner, that's another issue of its own

Redskins Insider: Snyder has high Expectations

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