Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 off season in review Part II

The second part of the Redskins off season in review will focus on the top five individuals that will have a major impact in 2009

5) Albert Haynesworth: Okay, he is the new $100 million dollar man in the NFL, but now he has to show his dues on the field. Haynesworth, if healthy, could easily provide immediate impact on the defensive line that produced an NFL low 24 sacks last season. However, an injury prone season could hurt the team defensively.

4) Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and Fred Davis: Vinny Cerrato draft class of 2008 better have a more productive season in 2009 in order for the offense to score points. One of the second year receivers, Thomas and Kelly must become the 2nd slot man to ease pressure off Santana Moss. Davis must do the same at the tight end slot to ease pressure off Chris Cooley. Out of all the issues surrounding Jason Campbell, these receivers and tight ends must step up for Campbell to have a breakout season.

3) Clinton Portis relationship with Jim Zorn: Was Portis meltdown on why he was benched in Week 14th a sense of things to come in 2009? Hopefully not, and the relationship between the star running back and head coach can finally bridge the gap between each other. Either way, it will be fun to see how it unfolds this season.

2) Jason Campbell: The off season was a roller coaster ride for Campbell. From management chasing after Jay Culter, sticking with Campbell, chasing after Mark Sanchez, and sticking with Campbell again. Clearly, the ownership has no confidence in Jason Campbell. But for the better and worse, Campbell has to lead this team to the playoffs this year for him to keep his starting QB job. Another mediocre season for the team and Campbell means the end of his tenure in Washington.

1)Head Coach Jim Zorn: There are dozen head coaches in this league that are on the hot seat in 2009, and Jim Zorn is one of them unfortunately. After starting the season 6-2, Zorn became predictable at his play calling schemes, and opposing teams began to read the skins plays on offense. This lead to 2-6 finish and 8-8 regular season record. Zorn did expand the play book this season, but he must executed it correctly. Everyone, from league sources, fans, and the DC media knows that Zorn job is on the line this season. A playoff berth this season could ease Zorn's job security.

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