Thursday, July 9, 2009

Be-Related Redskins news this week

Sorry skins fans, I been busy with summer school and vacation over the past week. I don't expect this blog to be active until training camp or something major occurs. But I do have some redskins news to share.

Albert Haynesworth: Hayneworth finally escapes from jail time today as a Tennessee judge pleaded him no contest to a reckless driving charge in Tennessee and will be on probation for three months. However, he has to do three months of probation, and 25 hours of community service.

Jim Zorn: Also, this week, head coach Jim Zorn announced that veteran players that played in the league for four years or more will stay in their respected homes during training camp. Last season, all players (rookies and veterans) stayed in their dormitories at Redskin Park. Zorn did this because he wants his team to be more fresh during the season after going 2-6 in the second half of last season. Considering that most of the Offensive Line, Wide Recievers, and Defensive Line players are about 30 or more years old, this could be the difference maker on how the team performs in the second half.

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