Monday, June 29, 2009

Brian Mitchell says he was fired because of his critcism on the Redskins

Look, the US economy is in shambles currently. There are big layoffs in the newspapers, Television, and in the radio business because these companies are losing millions in this recession. However, former Redskin Brian Mitchell does not believe that. He told USA Today that his criticism on the Redskins was the reason ESPN 980 relieve him from his duties.

"Former Redskins stud return man Brian Mitchell says his recent dismissal by a radio station owned by the team is not due to economic factors, as the team claims.

Mitchell told USA TODAY's Michael McCarthy that Red Zebra radio cut him as an analyst because he was critical of the Redskins. Station executive Bruce Gilbert said the move was "100% driven by the economy."

Mitchell made $150,000 per year.

"If you never discuss any money, or any changes in my money with me, then you already have your minds made up. This didn't have a damn thing to do with the economy," Mitchell told McCarthy."

If you watch or listen to B-Mitch, you know what your gonna get. He gonna hit on all points on the teams issues during the season, training camp, and free agency. He will basically tell it like it is from a former player standpoint. Yes, his criticism can be very harsh on the management, considering that they run the station, but he will always support his evidence on his take.

For the firing, yes I agree with B-Mitch. It had nothing to do with the economy, and based more on his opinion then anything else. You can easily make the same case with Al Koken as well, who was also fired on the same day B-Mitch was let go. To fire a radio personality for that reason is sad because the fans want to hear the truth about what the organization are doing behind close doors. That's what sports talk radio is all about. With this firing occuring, it won't be long before Larry Michael and Vinny Cerrato have their own radio gigs again in the near future, and we know that these people are Dannyboy's brothers.

Then again, it could be the economy. Dozens of former players and anaylsts have been fired from their local stations due to economical reasons and USA Today has an interesting article on former atheltes having no job security in their radio and Teleivison gigs.

Brian Mitchell: Redskins radio fired him for crticisms

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