Friday, April 3, 2009

Redskins release a statement regarding the status of Jason Campbell

During the last two days, the front office has publicly trash Jason Campbell for not being a leader on the team and not being a good QB. Everyone hear knows that the O-Line was aging, had injuries and that's why the team went 2-6 in 2nd half, not Campbell. He barley had protection from his O-Line. Yet, the front office likes to play stupid with the fans and the media, and not addressed the real issues the team has. They always like to change things like it changing clothes every day. Well, the cutler rumors are history and maybe the team will finally focus on what's important. Here a statement from the Redskins via Vinny Cerrato, Vice president of football operations.

"The Redskins have released a statement from executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato. It states: "We met with Jason [Campbell] today and had a candid discussion. We told Jason that when [Denver quarterback] Jay Cutler became available we, like many other NFL teams, spoke with the Broncos. We are all on the same page and we are moving forward."

Wow, why don't Vinny just say, Campbell is stuck with us. So please don't hurt destroy our season so you can paid somewhere else. Seriously, this ownership is closing in on becoming the biggest joke in the NFL, and if I'm a die hard fan like myself, I won't even pay a penny to get tickets, parking, and buying jerseys. It is clear that Danny and Vinny care more about the money and revenues of the team then building a championship caliber team through the draft and free agency. The skins have one 10 win season under the Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato leadership, and they quickly losing more creditability among the fans and the media.

By the way, I read the message boards from the post and a lot of fans are questioning why Vinny has a job? Well, Vinny is Dannyboy guy, and he tells Vinny what to do and say to the public, even to release these vague statements.

Redskins Issue a Statement

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