Saturday, April 4, 2009

10 years later, Daniel Snyder still has not matured as a owner in the NFL

Well fans, everyone thought that Snyder had matured of being an owner of his favorite team the Washington Redskins when Joe Gibbs was head coach for four years. (2004-2007) Now, with Gibbs gone and Jim Zorn entering his second year as head coach, Snyder is back to his old ways, bringing the best player available, and spend a lot of money in the off season to create buzz amongst the fans and the media. It was pretty clear over the past few days that Snyder does not want Campbell to be their starting QB in the near future when Jay Cutler became available. Campbell handled the situation as a pro while the management trash him publicly. But the notion of trading Campbell for two first rounders, a third round pick, for Cutler was just plain dumb. The team already has a QB, and it needs to focus on drafting Offensive Linemen to protect Campbell and a Defensive Linemen to counterpart Albert Haynesworth, Phillip Daniels, and Andre Carter in the draft. But no, the team always goes for a big named player such as Cutler to attract advertisers, increase revenues, and season ticket holders, and they will trade draft picks for it Michael Wilbon of the Post had a very good piece on Snyder ownership and why the team is lucky to have Jason Campbell.

"Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato did a really dumb thing Wednesday night and yesterday. They tried to dump Campbell, a strong-armed work-in-progress with a 16-20 record, for Cutler, a strong-armed work-in-progress with a 17-20 record. They would have had to give up, probably, three high draft picks to do it, picks they ought to use to surround Campbell with better players. Snyder and Cerrato, instead of nurturing a player they'd invested so much in, trashed him publicly. Fortunately for them, the kid has a degree of class and humility they don't deserve in the least.

I would say it's amazing the Redskins were even contemplating a deal, but it really isn't. This is Snyder's M.O.: Go for the stars; covet and acquire. That's why the Redskins are a six-time NFL paper champion.

Draft and develop? No interest. You mean you can actually use those first- and second- and third-round draft picks the way the Steelers and Patriots and Giants do -- on kids who'll, one day, become famous?

But the Redskins much prefer other people's perceived stars to their own. Why else would they let Ryan Clark go to help the Steelers win a championship but waste money on washed-up Adam Archuleta? If there's a perceivable difference, it's that Campbell isn't a thin-skinned prima donna who refuses to return messages from his generous owner and rookie head coach, and doesn't pop up later and say, "I never said I wanted to be traded." But apparently the Redskins think that kind of insubordination is an asset. Personally, I've never seen a pouting, overly sensitive quarterback lead a team to anything of consequence, which is now the Bears' issue."

First, no Mr. Snyder and Mr. Cerrato. The post is not creating controversy to your team, its telling the truth about your management. Anyway, to me, I rather have Jason Campbell as my QB over Jay Cutler. Campbell may not be a flashy QB, but his work ethic is whole lot better then Cutler. But the ownership always have other ideas, and they are what they are. All I can do is just pray that this team does address the real issues on draft day.

By the way Snyder, if you really are a skins fan, maybe you should listen to the fans and the media for once. Their ideas on addressing needs for the team make a whole of sense then yours, and history proves it.

Washington Redskins are Lucky to have Jason Campbell over Jay Cutler

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