Thursday, April 23, 2009

More news regarding Mark Sanchez and the Redskins, plus highlights for the former USC quarterback

Despite glaring holes in the Offensive Line, Defensive Line, and Linebacker, the redskins are still among several teams that are interested in drafting Mark Sanchez in the 1st round according to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN. Sources are reporting that Jason Campbell could be involved in this trade if the team trades up and selects Mark Sanchez.

"The most serious interest in Sanchez, a USC product, is coming from the
Seattle Seahawks at No. 4; the Cleveland Browns at No. 5; the Washington Redskins at No. 13; and the New York Jets at No. 17. Several current veteran quarterbacks, including Brady Quinn of the Browns and Jason Campbell of the Redskins, would be on the block should either team select Sanchez.

The Redskins have talked about a number of scenarios, especially this one: trading from 13th to fourth and selecting Sanchez, then dealing Campbell to another team, perhaps the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Jets -- to recoup lost picks.

Campbell's second-half drop-off last season concerned the Redskins' front office enough that it has stepped up its pursuit of Sanchez. Campbell also is in a contract year and Washington would have to invest franchise-type money to keep him for 2010 and beyond."

This proves again, and again the stupidity of the front office, and fans should really boycott this team if this deal happens. Do they have any idea on what is the term CONITNIUTY? Why in the world they are still focused in the Sanchez despite major holes in OL, DL, and LB is beyond me. The reason why Campbell struggled in the 2nd half because the O-Line has injuries, got older, Clinton Portis got banged up, his wide receivers never help him out and Jim Zorn never adjusted his play calling. Sanchez however, only had one full season, and he backup for John David Booty in 2007. This move could easily hurt the franchise for several years. Then again, this team hasn't had a proven QB since Mark Ripken, and Snyder believes that Sanchez in his guy. I doubt it, this is a stupid move the team is doing and they continue to screw themselves in the draft. Hopefully the results will be the same as the Jay Cutler trade talks earlier. One thing is certain about this though, Jason Campbell is not the long term quarterback for the redskins.

Heavy interest in Mark Sanchez in the NFL Draft

For the record, here is Mark Sanchez highlights from 2008:

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