Thursday, April 23, 2009

Campbell wants out of DC if the redskins draft Sanchez (UPDATED)

Well this isn't surprising. Jason Campbell was cool with the ownership trying to get Jay Cutler, but it failed and the organization met with him to clear things up. However, the team is now focused on drafting Sanchez, and this Campbell wants to be traded if the team picks Sanchez according to Aaron Wilson of

"Plotting a potential exit strategy in case the Washington Redskins trade up to draft USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, Redskins starting quarterback Jason Campbell will request a trade if Sanchez winds up in the nation’s capital, according to Steve Wyche of

It’s a fairly safe assumption that Campbell would probably lose any remaining motivation to play for the Redskins if they select a quarterback in the first round on the heels of their unsuccessful offseason pursuit of quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler wound up with the Chicago Bears after the Denver Broncos appeared to be close to trading him to the Redskins.

After the Redskins attempted to acquire Cutler, they made a big point out of trying to mend fences with Campbell through meetings with owner Daniel Snyder and General Manager Vinny Cerrato and also issued a statement.

Although Campbell handled that difficult situation with class, yet another move for a quarterback would seem to make this a fairly untenable situation for him.

Currently holding the 13th overall pick of the draft, though, it’s no lock that the Redskins will manage to trade up to land Sanchez.

Of course, Snyder is one of the most aggressive owners in the league and typically is willing to pay the price to get what he wants."

I honestly don't blame Campbell for doing this. The organization is basically treating him like crap over the last month or so. I would love to see him stay as a fan, but personally,he should request a trade immediately, even if they don't draft Sanchez, just to prove how dysfunctional and dumb the organization really is. He will be a better QB with other team. Also from a fan's perspective, it really becoming pointless to be a redskins fan anymore. Snyder is still clueless on building a winning franchise, and as long he 's owns the team, we are destined for mediocrity for a long, long, long time.

Campbell planning his next move

UPDATE: Fanhouse is reporting that the New York Jets are interested in acquiring Jason Campbell should the Redskins trade up and draft Mark Sanchez, or if the Jets lose out on the Sanchez sweepstakes. This Mark Sanchez trade scenario is getting more difficult and way out of control. Thank god the draft is tomorrow. Stay Tuned!!!

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