Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jim Zorn predictable playing calling strategy and his future in DC

Well its been a slow news day for the Redskins and for the NFL in general due to everyone focusing on march madness. But i wanted to focus on Jim Zorn and his playing calling that became very predictable at season's end. Look, we all know how this team has to improve offensively in 09. Jason Campbell needs to develop in the west coast offense, we need to draft a Offensive Lineman and the line itself has to get younger, and second year wide outs, Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly has to play better to ease pressure off Santana Moss. But all of these moves won't matter if Zorn continues his predictable play calling from last season. Over the Course of 2008, Zorn did something that no coach ever did. He went from coach of the year to "worst coach in America." Well that was his quote though, but you get what I mean. As disappointing as their 2-6 record in the 2nd half last year, an 8-8 finish was expected considering for a rookie head coach and for a guy who has never been a offensive coordinator. Now, with his team spending over $180 million in free agency and potentially drafting a O-Line, OLB, or D-Line in the first round, Zorn has to adjust his play calling schemes, become a better head coach, and take his team to the playoffs this year, or he could be fired by seasons end.

Honestly, I think Zorn has the makings to become a very good head coach in the NFL, he just never adjusted his calls when opponents defenses knows what the skins offense is doing, and I like to see this guy coaching this team beyond this season. He even finish a better record then Gibbs did in first stint with the Redskins. I mean seriously, if Zorn did this in cities like Atlanta, Arizona, and San Fransciso, he will not have to worry about job security in his second season. But in Washington, its a different story, and sometimes the media likes to run the coach out of town especially if Zorn gets his team to a bad start early on. With head coaches like Mike Shannan, Mike Holmgren, and Bill Cowher being available in 2010, and Snyder stubbornness to win now after spending a lot of money on free agency, Zorn has to become a better coach and leader very very quickly.

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