Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Roster Moves Could be Coming

If you have caught up with news from Redskins Insider, Washington Post Live, sports-talk radio shows, and other outlets, then you know that the Redskins are in a process of making major roster moves before the NFL Draft that could result in additional draft picks. Among the Redskins players involved in a possible trade are Albert Haynesworth, and Jason Campbell

Last month, I criticize Haynesworth for his abrupt departure from offseason workouts. As much of I wanted the Redskins to trade Haynesworth, he had too much money owned from his contract, which led to low interest from other teams.

That could change within any moment. Judging from the reports I have read, Coach Mike Shanahan is not happy with Haynesworth, and he is doing whatever he can to trade him. Haynesworth said he will participate in all mandatory offseason team events according to Jason Reid from Redskins Insider. Haynesworth however, will not participate in non-mandatory workouts and he will do the training himself. It also appears that Haynesworth is still not happy about switching to a 3-4 defense.

These excuses by Haynesworth are not going to cut it with Shanahan, who has been preaching everyone on the roster to attend all offseason workouts. Historically for Shanahan, if someone has a problem with the offseason program, then he will trade that player, regardless how much money they owe him.

That is exactly what Shanahan is doing to Haynesworth. Shanahan is not going to play around with laziness from players who aren't willing to train themselves with the team.

Therefore, four teams are interested for Haynesworth. They include Detroit, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Tennessee( Haynesworth's former team). The trade itself could occur before the NFL Draft. The Redskins could also get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Haynesworth, but no deal is set. The Redskins already tried to deal Haynesworth to the Eagles in addition to acquiring Donovan Mcnabb, but the Eagles rejected the offer.

As for Jason Campbell, either he will be traded, or stay as a backup to Mcnabb according to Shanahan. If a trade does occur, some teams like Carolina or San Francisco could be interested for Campbell. The Redskins will likely get a 4th or 5th round pick in return since Campbell is a not a high-valued free agent quarterback.

Another important factor is adding more draft picks. Any trade that can involved additional picks can easily help the Redskins needs for the offensive line, linebacker, and a corner. The Redskins have only four draft picks in rounds 1, 4, 5, 7, and one pick in the top 100.

As for these trades, it could happened before or after draft day, so stay tuned if a trade does involve Campbell and Haynesworth.

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