Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fat Albert is a Bum

Last week, the Redskins had mandatory offseason workouts issued by head coach Mike Shanahan. This is something the Redskins haven't seen since Joe Gibbs was here. With Shanahan wanted his entire team and his leaders on the workout program, they missed one player from the program right after the first day.

Enter Albert Haynesworth.

Yes, this is the same player who barely stayed on the field, mostly stayed in the sideline breathing with oxygen, and signed a six year $100 million dollar contract last season.

This leads to a report from Kelly Johnson that Haynesworth missed the rest of the offseason workout program because he wanted to do a workout by himself with a private trainer.

This is just inexcusable and idiotic. But what do you expect from Haynesworth. He has poor work ethic, starts only a few games, barely practices, and he's runs out of gas at season's end. Sure he is not happy about switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. But this is the NFL, you play the position your paid to play for, not to complain about a switch on a defensive strategy.

These things just irritates me as a fan. This team went 4-12 last season, and he is one of the leaders in this team. Shanahan is trying to bring a winning attitude to a franchise that has been suffering for nearly two decades and yet this incident occurs. The Redskins are better off trading or releasing him. He is one of the team cancers to the team.

However, his contract is guaranteed money. With no salary cap, it prevents the Redskins to trade or cut him with no consequence. Even if Haynesworth is cut, they still owe him $41 million in guaranteed money. If Redskins want to set a foundation in 2010 and beyond, Shanahan and Bruce Allen may have to look hard at trade offers for Haynesworth who are willing to pay his remaining of his contract because Haynesworth's isn't the leader, he's a punk and he will go down as one of the worst free agent signings in Redskins history.

UPDATE: and Redskins insider is reporting that the Redskins coaching staff knew that Haynesworth wouldn't attend the offseason workouts for a undisclosed reason. Haynesworth met with Shanahan briefly on Monday, the first day of workouts and orientation and then he left. Haynesworth finally commented on his absence when he was interviewed with XM satellite radio

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