Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recap on the Redskins recent front office moves

Sorry Redskins fans, I been out of internet last weekend, and I was busy with college, having internet issues, and job searching.

But this time, I'll do my best to keep this site updated as much as I can. I honestly thought last season was a exhausting for writing a blog based on the Redskins due to so many news being reported almost every second from Jim Zorn firing, Clinton Porits rants, and the poor play on the field.

But now the team has finally has a new direction. Gone is Zorn and Vinny Cerrato, and in is newly General Manager Bruce Allen, and Head Coach Mike Shanahan. Both Allen and Shanahan will have the final say in football releated decisions. Unlike the Zorn/Cerrato combo, both Allen and Shanahan are well respected in the league.

Allen was the GM/consultant with the Raiders from 1996-2003. The Raiders won three AFC West titles from 2000-2002 and a trip to the Super Bowl XXVII, and Allen was named NFL executive of the year. Allen then went to Tampa Bay and had mixed results, only producing two division titles and one losing season. Allen isn't well known in the personnel department, but he is very good with the salary cap.

Mike Shanahan comes to the Redskins after a 14 years with the Denver Broncos and two super bowl titles. However, after John Elway retirement, the Broncos went south. Shanahan had one playoff win, and had a 24-24 record in his final three seasons with Denver. But still, Shanahan is well known offensive minded coach and if he a very good defense, his teams may have played better.

Now Shanahan comes to Washington as head coach and Vice President of Football Operations. His son, Kyle Shanahan will call the plays on offense and Jim Hasselt will be the new defensive coordinator.

As for the offseason, the Redskins have several areas to address. How they will fix the offensive line? Will Shanahan retain Jason Campbell? Will Clinton Portis return? and what is the Redskins draft strategy? Most importantly, will Dan Snyder be hands off from football related decisions? These questions could answered in the matter of months.

Later Today, I will address my offseason predictions for the Redskins as they try to improve from a disastrous 2009 season.

First solution: Why the Redskins need to release Clinton Portis??


  1. Hey, I'm a Jets fan but I like your blog. I think they should keep CP for a year or so and see if Shanahan can utilize him like he did in Denver. He is a decent back, he is just overworked since the Skins have struggled.


  2. Thanks for the comments and I'm glad your enjoying the blog. Btw, Portis doesn't have much left in the tank, and based on his work ethic, he isn't going to be a productive back for a least a while until he attends the preseason workouts and practices. We'll see what Shanahan does with Portis, but at least they are both familiar with each other.