Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Coaching Change Is Coming Soon

With the offense not progressing and ranked nearly dead last in the league in total offense, the Redskins announced today that Sherm Lewis will be the new offensive consultant. Lewis will be help Jim Zorn's play calls scheme while he run the west coast offense. Here is the release statement from Ashburn Va courtesy of Redskins Insider.

"Sherm's history started with the innovator of the West Coast Offense, Bill Walsh, and over the past two decades he has directed some of the best offenses, and coached and developed some of the league's premier players," Vinny Cerrato, the team's executive vice president of football operations, said in a statement. "He has a diverse NFL background, having coached running backs, wide receivers, and serving as a coordinator. Jim and Sherman share a common bond in that they both worked for Mike Holmgren at different times in their careers. Sherman 's overall experience and expertise will be a tremendous addition to our coaching staff. His track record humbles us all."

First, it very clear that Zorn is in a very bad position and it's likely he will be fired at the end of this season or before. Lewis is hired not only because he helping Zorn's play calling, but being use as a possible deploy for Mike Homlgren to come here. Let's face it , it is obvious that Daniel Snyder has zero confidence in Jim Zorn, and rightfully so. The team is averaging under 14 points during their first four games.

Also Lewis is highly respected in this league as a great offensive coordinator. As a former assistant under Holmgren, Sherm is best known as the offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers in the mid 1990s, including a Super Bowl title with quarterback Brett Favre. Holmgren was calling the plays back then while Lewis created the schemes. However, regardless of Lewis track record, this move shows that management doesn't give any confidence for Zorn and Jason Reid points that out in this clip.

Hahahahaha: A new set of eyes?? Yeah, as usual Vinny Cerrato uses the dumbest statements whenever a change is made. Cerrato is better off saying that Zorn play calling is dreadful and we needed a new voice to help him out. Not only a coaching change is coming, but it is only matter of when will it occur.

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