Friday, October 16, 2009

Memo to Mike Sellers: Keep Quite

I'm bitter about how the Redskins are performing lately. They are performing poorly on and off the field regardless of earning a win or a loss. Management, personnel, the coaches, and team chemistry are at a all time low. But when a player blames the media for the Redskins problems and remains positive about the situation, then you know that the player is absolutely insane. That what Mike Sellers said to the media yesterday after making his first comments since his altercation with Clinton Portis. Here are Sellers quotes according to the Washington Post.

"Asked what the hardest part of the season has been thus far, Sellers said: "You reporters."

When a reporter followed up by asking, "How so?" Sellers said, "Next question."

Sellers declined to answer questions following Sunday's loss at Carolina. When reporters approached him Wednesday, he said, "I'm going to tell y'all right now, don't ask me anything negative. Don't ask me anything remotely negative."

I know Sellers wants to remain positive about it, but to blame the media for your failures is idiotic. It is not your problem that you drop passes at the end zone, not blocking for your running back, and fighting with your teammates. In fact, Sellers should be lucky that he is on a NFL roster because if he did this in other cities, those teams will cut him. Sellers is also fortunate that he is not New York saying this because the media will continue to blast him even more. What else the media can do? It is their job to cover the team on a daily basis, and as player you should expect these questions arise from reporters.

So for Sellers, the best thing he can do is to shut up and don't blame anyone for the team failures except yourself and Daniel Snyder.

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