Thursday, October 8, 2009

Avoiding the Media: Redskins Style

It seems like every week their is some sort of drama in Ashburn, and today was no exception. The Redskins announced that Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache will no longer not talk to the media for the remainder of this season. Instead, secondary coach Jerry Gray will handle the presses. There was no comment from the Redskins management or the players on defense, but the NFL give Blache a pass on this one. Head Coach Jim Zorn vaguely explains why Blache is avoiding the media, stating that "he needed a break." When ask if he will answer questions about the defense for remainder of this season, Zorn said "who knows? We'll see." Jason Reid of Redskins Insider tries to offer a better explanation about Blache's departure.

"In an unusual move for NFL coordinators, defensive coordinator Greg Blache has informed team officials he will no longer speak with the media this season, a Redskins spokesman said. Blache did not reveal his decision, give a reason for the change or take questions during his regularly scheduled session with reporters before practice at Redskins Park.

After Blache gave his assessment of the team's performance on defense in the 16-13 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he briefly commented on the offensive strengths of this week's opponent, the Carolina Panthers, and then turned things over to secondary coach Jerry Gray.

NFL rules mandate that teams make coordinators available to the media at least once a week. The Redskins received permission from the league to have Gray, who has served as a coordinator in his career, take over for Blache -- who has declined to grant interviews in the past although Gray currently is not a coordinator."

Well, this is completely bizarre. Is this because Snyder told Balche to avoid them because there will countless questions about his being the possible interim head coach? Or Blache is just tired? Either way, it shows another black eye for this classless organization. Then again, I do not think that any organizations will not let their defensive coordinator avoid the media for whatever reason. But since the NFL forgo that required option for the team, I guess the reason has to be more serious then anyone expected. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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