Monday, September 21, 2009


Today might have the most gloomiest Monday for a Redskin victory in recent memory. All last week, players like Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis were stating that they should blow out some teams this season. Well, last Sunday, the Redskins had a great opportunity of doing by that, facing a rams team that came off a 28-0 loss in Seattle.

Instead, stupid play calling from head coach Jim Zorn that almost cost the game, quarterback Jason Campbell can't deliver in the red zone (resulting in three field goals), and the defense sealing the game. That resulted in a 9 to 7 victory for the Redskins. Before my analysis, here is Zorn's post game comments courtesy of

Oh lord, Zorn happy with the progression of the offense???? They cannot score a damn touchdown versus that pathetic Rams defense, its ridiculous. Even worse, Zorn play calling schemes has worsen every week. Campbell throwing a short pass to Portis at the goal line, running three straight plays on 1st, 2nd , and 3rd downs, and running play to the left side on 4th down are examples of poor schemes by Zorn.

Also, Campbell didn't look good either at the red zone, but drop passes from Devin Thomas and Mike Sellers at the end zone was not his fault at all. Campbell went 23/35 for 243 yards and zero touchdowns and interceptions. The defense was the only bright spot yesterday, holding the Rams to one touchdown, and sealed the game when it matter. But they didn't sack Marc Bluger at all as the Rams Offensive line gave him all day to protect him. I will save my comments for the lack of pass rush later in the season.

Anyway back to the offense. The poor play from Campbell, and bad coaching decision from Zorn has fans really questioning about whether both of them can lead us into victory. This team has enough talent to make a postseason run, but it has a clueless quarterback who plays too scared to make mistakes, and a coach who is clueless on the sidelines, and without them being on the same page, it's hard to win games. Honestly, if Zorn were to be fired today, it wouldn't bother me at all. This coach is becoming the biggest laughing stock in the NFL.

Even Redskins legend Sonny Jurgensen has questioned Zorn's playcalling. But it doesn't matter, they are only two people that should held accountable for these pathetic efforts by the Redskins.
When will these morons wake up and get in touch with reality? And no, the boos yesterday are just the start of the fans continue frustration with the team Mr. Snyder.

Next Game: Week 3 @ Detroit: The Redskins travel to the Motor City to take on the Detroit Lions. The Lions have a 19 game losing streak dating back to 2007. But after this pathetic performance by the skins, the Lions feel confident that they can get their first victory in two seasons in front of their home fans. If that happens, it hard to imagine Zorn being the head coach after the bye week.

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