Monday, July 20, 2009

Joe Theismann is in another world

Look, I love Joe Theismann, one of the best Redskin quarterbacks of all time, but sometimes his statements are down right ridiculous . He believes that Jason Campbell could be a lead the Redskins to a deep playoff run according to the Redskins Gab.

"Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann is absolutely convinced that Jason Campbell can lead Washington to the playoffs and predicts the team will win the NFC East."

I bet you Mr. Theismann that Campbell is set up to have yet another mediocre season then having a pro bowl type year. No line protection, no talent and depth in the wide receivers, and a coach that cannot call plays adequately.

I am sick of tired of this team scoring 12 to 14 points per game every week. Their offense in 2008 is the worst I have ever seen, and the defense always keeps us in the game. But football is won on both sides of the ball. Sure Jim Zorn can easily take the blame for everything since he's the offensive coordinator and his play calls were downright predictable in the 2nd half of last season. But ownership must take responsibly as well, but we all know how Snyder is with that.

If you look at the off season, and the way they treated Jason Campbell during the Jay Cutler, and Mark Sanchez trade talks, the amount of money spent on Albert Haynesworth, and De-Angelo Hall, and not drafting Offensive Linemen in the draft, Daniel Snyder is setting up both Campbell and Jim Zorn to fail this season in order for him to get a big name coach and quarterback.

As much as I love Jason Campbell, I think his tenure as a Redskin will be history after this season. The same could be said with Jim Zorn, considering that Jon Gruden, Mike Shannan, Mike Homlgren, and Bill Cowher are available next season.

And for the record, if Campbell does struggle in the first four weeks of the season, will Zorn turn the QB reign's to fan favorite Colt Brennan?

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