Friday, June 12, 2009

James Thrash released

Two weeks after Jon Jansen's release, the Redskins release another true-redskin and season veteran today in James Thrash. Thrash failed a physical today, and he unable to practice during the off season because of a neck injury that could lead him to retirement. Thrash said that decision will be determined if he needs surgery to keep playing on the field.

Thrash was drafted by the Redskins in 1997 and played here for nine seasons, and had a brief three year tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles from 2001-2003. He then rejoined the Redskins in 2004. Overall, Thrash played in 165 games, had 22 touchdowns, and 3,646 yards.

Again, as much as I love James Thrash, this move had to be made because of his neck injury. Thrash wasn't productive during his last three seasons with the Redskins, including last season as well, when he had nine receptions for 81 yards, and one touchdown.

This move will also help Jim Zorn focus on the development of second year wide outs such as Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and seventh round draft pick, Roydell Williams. And with Thrash being released, it adds little more pressure for one of these three wide receivers to become No. 2 receiver behind Santana Moss.

Thrash Released by Skins updated

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