Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snyder, Cerrato, and Zorn met with the media

Eariler today, Owner Daniel Synder, Vice president of football operations, Vinny Cerrato, and Head Coach Jim Zorn met with the media for their annual pre-draft press conference. Here is the transcript of the press conference courtesy of Jason La Canfora of the Post

Cerrato: "There's a possibility we'll do three things on Saturday: trade up, stay back or stay the same [at 13]. ... It's a decent draft. Probably not as good as last year but there's quality there. I think there's depth throughout the draft."

Cerrato: "At 13, there'll be a good football player. There'll be someone who could come in and start at 13."

Cerrato: "When youre sitting at 13 you're kind of reacting to what happens the first 12. If something crazy happens, you react to that. Kind of like last year. We really didn't know and Atlanta called at the last minute. You dont know until you're on the clock."

Cerrato on the possibility of moving into the top five for a shot at a marquee QB: "I think anything is possible. It's just what you're willing to give up."

Zorn: "From my perspective, I'm not talking different things to different people. With Jason [Campbell], we are going full speed. He is being handled every bit like he's our starting quarterback in word and deed."

Zorn on the possibility of selecting a defensive player: "Every indication is that Phillip Daniels is going to fully recover and be part of our program this year. That doesn't mean that if someone is sitting out there glaring" that you wouldn't select him.

Zorn on evaluating USC QB Mark Sanchez: "I'd rather wait to talk about any player evaluation I might have on a guy who's not even on our roster."

Cerrato on having only one pick in the first 79 because they traded their second-round pick for defensive end Jason Taylor: "It is what it is. We made a trade last year with our second-round pick. We wish Jason [Taylor] would have stayed healthy, but it is what it is."

Snyder on moving up or down: "In terms of willingness to go up or down in the draft, we're always flexible. We'll have to see what happens Saturday."

Snyder on the draft process: "You just have to be patient. It takes a long time to get there [to complete the draft process]. We do all this work and then it's hurry up and wait."

Zorn on Sanchez's scant starting experience: "I think it's a factor in his positioning, if you will. That's why we do take a lot of time to study each player."

Snyder: "There are players every year that are the consensus 'hot guy' with the media and throughout the league, but really what interests me more is the work of the scouts and coaches and Vinny's group that they put in throughout the year than just the hot guy."

And, lastly, with all the major moves Snyder has made (signing Albert Haynesworth, DeAngelo Hall and Derrick Dockery), he views this draft as the final piece of the offseason improvement plan: "Obviously, we were disappointed with some of our late-season games last year. We got close [to the playoffs]. We got beaten up with some of the injuries, but thats no excuse. I look forward to us improving. We're trying to do what we can to win. I'm always going to be aggressive. I didn't buy the team as an investment. I'm trying to win Super Bowls."

Well, judging from what I read, it sums up what the team is looking at in the draft, and its possibly a defensive linemen, or an offensive linemen, or using the best player available motto again such as Mark Sanchez.
This is probably one of the few times the management has been accurate in front of the press. Yes, i am not sold on Jason Campbell either, the front office did a good job on not extending his contract. But I have a problem on how the front office treated Jason Campbell during the Jay Cutler trade talks. It is clear that Denver believed that Kyle Orton was a better QB then Campbell. But anyway, they should not draft a QB in the first round at all. The team instead should focus strictly on O-Line, D-Line, and LB in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th rounds. Then lets see if Campbell improves in 09 with a younger, and hopefully bigger offensive line. If he's has a breakout year, then extend his contract. If not,then let Campbell walk, and have Colt Brennan as the starting QB. The team does not need Mark Sanchez in any form.

Snyder, Cerrato, and Zorn meet the press

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