Friday, April 24, 2009

Draft Predictions for the Redskins

Well, the drama of the NFL Draft will officially begin tomorrow at 4PM on ESPN and NFL Network. And for the Redskins, they can do anything, trade up for Mark Sanchez, down for more picks in the later rounds or stay at 13. The key picks in the draft will obviously be picks 3-8 because Sanchez will likely be drafted by Seattle or Cleveland. However, St Louis, which holds the 2nd pick, is now interested in Sanchez. It pretty safe to assume that all 32 teams are interested in Sanchez for whatever reason. As for Sanchez chances of coming to DC, its highly unlikely. Earlier today on ESPN 980, Daniel Snyder said to Doc Walker that the team will not trade for next year's first round pick. If this is true, then the Sanchez talks in DC will have the same results as the Jay Cutler talks. Or Snyder is bluffing at the media once again, who knows??

Assuming Snyder is right, it will leave the Redskins staying at 13. The teams has a lot of options at 13, and they have needs in the O-Line, D-Line, and Linebacker. On the Offensive Line, Michael Orr could be available at 13, but he's likely to end up at No. 11 with the Buffalo Bills. And with the team signing RT Mike Williams tonight, it highly likely the team will not focus on the O-Line at 13. Which leaves the Defensive Line and Linebacker positions for the skins. At the D-Line, don't expect Brian Okrapo to be drafted at 13, he is probably going to be a top 10 pick either from Green Bay or San Francisco. Defensive Ends Robert Ayers from Tennessee, and Everertte Brown from Florida State are likely to be available for the skins. As for Linebacker, Rey Mauluaga is available also, but most experts see him drafted by San Diego at 16. Don't be surprised if the skins pick Mauluaga at 13. He could easily provide immediate impact at LB with his explosiveness, and could eventually replace London Fletcher in the long run.

If the team trades down, then the team could take a sexy pick like a Running Back Knowshon Moreno from Georgia or the best player available at that particular spot.

Prediction: For the 13th selection of the 2009 NFL Draft, The Washington Redskins select Rey Mauluaga, Linebacker from USC. Look for the team to focus on a Center, Right Guard, and Defensive End in the later rounds of the draft.

As for Jason Campbell, it won't matter whether if Mark Sanchez is a Redskin, or not. One thing is very clear, Jason Campbell will not be a Redskin by the end of today or this weekend regardless if the team acquires Mark Sanchez or not. The organization clearly made a statement that Campbell isn't the future for the team, which is real real shame. Campbell is very classy, but he never had a healthy O-Line, and a wide receiver corp that can make big plays for him. Worst of all, he had a idiotic organization with him also. I guaranteed you that Campbell will be a better QB, and player with another team.

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