Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Broncos want two first round picks for Jay Cutler

Well, I hope this lowers our chances of getting Jay Cutler with this announcement from the Broncos, but this organization has no clue on what is the term called stability and the notion of the team being involved in this is just plain stupid. Otherwise why they are still interested in Cutler? Well, ESPN is reporting that Denver wants two first round picks involved in the trade.

"In the meantime, the Broncos have informed all interested teams that they want at least two first-round picks for Cutler and getting a quarterback in exchange is not a necessity, Chris Mortensen reports. A team source said it was possible Cutler could be traded as soon as Friday."

If the skins actually do this, I will quit writing this blog!! Hahaha, just kidding!! But it will prove how much of a joke Daniel Snyder really is. He still has the perception that the running an NFL team is like Fantasy Football, picking the best player available, and not building the team and solid foundation through the draft. Also, Chris Mortensen said that the trade could happen as early as tomorrow, and if it does, expect a handful of postings on the trade then.

ESPN: Broncos never called Cutler

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