Friday, March 27, 2009


Hello bloggers, My Name is Yasin Jama. I will be blogging about the Washington Redskins on their off-season moves, Free Agency, the NFL Draft, Management, players, and so on. I will blogging roughly about a twice a week during the off season, and almost everyday during training camp, the NFL Draft, Regular Season, and Playoffs. This blog will have unlimited news and analysis about the team with additional commentary from myself. I promise you bloggers and Redskins Fans, I will be very critical on the players, coaches, the media, and most importantly, the front office. I will also get most of my sources from Pro football talk, The Washington Post, and many more. Alright,I just set out the agenda of what my blog is gonna be like, and I hope you bloggers enjoy it.

*By the Way,I probably have a post on a competition on the 3rd Wide Receiver between Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and James Thrash later on today.

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