Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could the Redskins really pick Mark Sanchez in the 1st round?

I don't even know how Sanchez could land at 13. Most mock drafts experts expect Sanchez to be a top 10 pick, and teams like the 49ers, and Jaguars will be interested in him. But with Sanchez working out with the redskins, the DC media likes to jump the ship and assume that the team will be interested in drafting him and possibly even trading down to get according to the Washington Times

"A team source confirmed today the Redskins are scheduled to work out USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, probably some time this week. Sanchez is reportedly working out for the New York Jets and the Indianapolis Colts as well during an East Coast tour. The Redskins hold the 13th pick in the draft and Sanchez is considered the second-ranked passer in the draft behind Georgia's Matthew Stafford. Sanchez threw at the scouting combine and will work during USC's Pro Day on April 1. But at individual team workouts, coaches and scouts are able to dictate the terms of the workout.In his only year as a starter, Sanchez threw 34 touchdowns as the Trojans won the Rose Bowl."

Every team does workout with high profile quarterback prospects. The Redskins did the same thing with Brady Quinn a few years back, and never drafted him. But based on the mock draft selections, he's is likely a top ten pick. Then again, the draft is full of surprises and so is this organization. I personally think it's a foolish move to pick Sanchez at 13, considering the other holes we have on the O-Line, D-Line and LB. We really do not need a QB right now. Doing that selection pretty much tells Jason Campbell that you better play well or you're done as a redskin. Lets just hope the skins go after a Defensive End, Linebacker, or an Offensive Tackle at 13. Then again, we see how foolish they are in scouting and drafting players anyway such as Vinny saying "you can't just go take a need."

Sanchez to work out for Redskins

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